Cole Mohr
Male | Houston, TX  
Dozens of tattoos
Tattoo Artist`s Name/Nickname: Unknown
Name of Tattoo shop: Unknown
Location of Tattoo: Various
Tattoo Type: Other
Tattoo Description: Celebrity
Posted By: CMohr
4/09/14 2:31 PM
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Cole Mohr is an American model from Houston, Texas, signed with Request Model Management. Notable for work with Dior Homme, H&M, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs. He is currently #13 on's list of top male models.

Cole has so many tattoos all over his body that only he would know exactly what each ones means.Here is the list of his tattoos.

April May June (with a V above the M in may and a C underneath it)- Cole had this tattoo done because of an ex-girlfriend from Houston.

Houston Texas- Cole was born and raised in Houston Texas

Whatever Forever, pizza slice- Cole’s favorite food is pizza, sun, cool, yess, Hamurger, Double B- Cole has a matching tattoo with model, Luke Worrall, Shove,

Mom in a heart & Dad in a heart- this is private joke/nickname between Cole and his girlfriend, Kay.

3D- Cole had gotten a matching 3D stick and poke with another person but I’m not sure who (I believe a girl)

M.V.P- Cole got this tattoo with his friends from the blog Slampigs/drawingklub

No Way (with the O being a smiley face), every day of my life on his ribs

Bwack Fwag- Given to Cole by his current girlfriend, Kay. It means Black Flag, which is a punk band from the 70s.

Cowabunga on his neck in cursive.Frey Mudd- Frey Mudd, a male model, gave Cole this tattoo.Cole gave Frey a tattoo that says Cole Mohr with the Texas flag. Lisa/Bart Simpson, Michael Jordan, Wolves, ?↑!
Lisa/Bart Simpson, Dog.

LARRRYY (with something written above it)- Cole got this tattoo because of ,photographer, Lary Schwarz.

Now I hear the Laughter- Taken from one of Cole’s favorite songs, Now I hear the laughter by The Germs.

M J M Smiley face with tail-thing- given to Cole by Charlie Westerberg, another male model.To all my friends on his wrist.**/al l-of-coles-tattoos-new-and-old-that-i-know-of

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