Michael Stipe
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Stipe tattoos
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Tattoo Description: Celebrity
Posted By: Stipe
10/02/13 10:37 PM
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John Michael Stipe is a noted American signer and the lead vocalist of the famous rock band REM. He is also the in charge of the visual image of the band. He has his own 2 film production companies named “C-00” and “Single Cell Pictures”. In the year 1980, he started his music career and formed his own band REM with Peter Buck, Bill Beryy & Mike Mill. The band has made more than 23 albums up to date.

He has a good taste in tattoos art as well and has couple of tattoos on his body. First of all he has a small brick tattoo with blue ink that can be seen on his left hand. This brick tattoo is nicely inked at upper side of his left hand in between his thumb and index finger. Someone asked about this tattoo as why he has such a unique tattoo and the actor smiled and said that this is Michael Stipe you’re talking to, young man. It means that he doesn’t want to tell anybody the meanings of this tattoo.

Then he has his second tattoo that is located on his right arm near his biceps. This is quite an amazing choice of Stipe. This is a tattoo of some cartoon characters and was first seen in the year 1995. About this tattoo he said that this is a tattoo of 2 cartoons; one is the Krazy Kat and other is the Ignatz Mouse. He liked these cartoon characters very much. These were made by George Harriman with the name “Krazy Kat” back in 1920s to 1940s. He has a nice and unique choice about tattoos.

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