Whitney Duncan
Female | Nashville, TN  
3 tattoos
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Tattoo Type: Other
Tattoo Description: Celebrity
Posted By: Nashville
4/08/13 11:54 AM
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This American flag tattoo was inspired by a spring 2010 trip to Iraq and Kuwait to play for the troops. According to Whitney Duncan‘s website, the trip inspired and forever changed the singer and her bandmates, resulting in this ink work just before that April’s ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

The ‘Skinny Dippin” singer has at least four tattoos across her body. There’s a cross inked on her right ankle, and according to one source, she has her family motto ‘Disce Pati’ (Latin for “learn to suffer, learn to endure”) on the side of her torso.

Whitney: I’ve always loved tattoos, ever since I was a little girl... piercings, tattoos, the whole deal. Which is crazy, because I guess I don’t look like I would have them! At least, that’s what people tell me. I got my first tattoo when I was 19. It’s a cross on my ankle. And of course, as they say, once you get one, you gotta have more. For the last few years, I’ve been planning what to get next. I have this saying: “If it’ll still pertain to my life at 80 years old, then I’ll get it.” My cousin has tons of tattoos, and he was telling me he was going to get one of his family crest. I thought, “Do I have a family crest?” I went online and did a bunch of research, and found my family crest. It was really ugly! The Duncan family is VERY Scottish... But I really liked our family motto, which is Disce Pati. It’s Latin for “ Learn To suffer, learn to endure”, which also pertains to the music business! I got that on my side. As a joke, my friends call me “Disco Patty” now, because of the spelling. Then I went to Iraq a few months ago, and did a two-week USO tour there. I got inspired. When I got back, I got an American flag on my upper back. Those are my three right now. I figure I’m still going to be an American when I’m 80, no doubt about that, and I will still be a Duncan... though by the time I’m 80 I’ll probably be married! I’m actually getting another one tomorrow... I keep saying I’ll get two more after that, and that’ll be it. If I ever have children, I want to get their names on my hipbones. One on each hip, like they’re sitting on them.

http://www.breakoutmagazine.com/article/country-superstar- turned-survivor-contestant-whitney-duncanskinny-dippin-tatto os-and-all

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