Anna Kournikova
Female | Miami, FL  
Lower back tattoo
Tattoo Artist`s Name/Nickname: Unknown
Name of Tattoo shop: Unknown
Location of Tattoo: Back
Tattoo Type: Other
Tattoo Description: Celebrity
Posted By: russian
10/16/12 11:29 AM
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Anna Kournikova’s tattoo is a very beautiful and stylish sun and the location of the tattoo is her lower back. The tattoo is very pretty and hardly hidden wherever the beautiful model and former tennis player goes. She got it in 2003 or more appropriately; it was seen in 2003 on her.

There are hundreds of pictures of Anna Kournikova and her tattoo on the internet and the shape of the tattoo has become a very familiar sight to all of her fans, still the weirdest thing about the tattoo is that when she did get the tattoo and people started to ask her about it, she completely denied; she denied even the fact that it was a tattoo. This is really strange because a tattoo is recognizable anywhere and it isn’t a matter of confusing it with something else if there are hundreds of pictures of the thing in the media and the internet.

Anna Kournikova initially used to say that the patch is not a tattoo and is just a heat patch that she got for her lower back treatment. Well everyone knows that Anna Kournikova had quite a lot of lower back problems near the end of her tennis career. l

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Name: Anna Kournikova
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Location: Miami, FL
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