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Former U.S. Marine James McGibney Helms the First Fully Functional Tattoo Social Media Site
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August 27, 2012

When it comes to body art, Kat Von D who arguably launched the tattoo reality craze on TLC’s “LA Ink”, which spawned spin-off‘s “Miami Ink” and “NY Ink” and most likely paved the way for the current Oxygen hit “Best Ink” have been dominating the mainstream for the last 5 years. But with such an artistic, dynamic and overnight cultural phenomenon, body art should have an outlet for those who are not reality stars, celebrities with tats and don’t have the ability to make it to the numerous conventions held year round.

Former US Marine and Ink enthusiast James McGibney (who sports an enormous Marine proudly clutching the US flag tattooed on his back) has created a platform for this with his new social media-networking site The name derives from the old western term “gunslinger” used to exemplify an individual’s speed and skills with a gun. Tattoo artists are often referred to as “Ink Slingers” due to the similarities between the crafts, both for their intricate nature and permanent effect.

With this new fully functional site, members can sign up for free and share their tattoos, which artist or shop crafted it, who designed it and even the story behind the tattoo in the first place. It is the perfect gateway to develop relationships with others who might share a similar tale to their own ink. A “Featured Artist” section is also present to pay homage to the artists who deserve the credit for their hard work.

Of course, where would a website be without some humor? SlingerVille satisfies that craving with a column titled “What were you thinking?” Here members can post tattoos that should never have touched the skin in the first place. provides the perfect stage for tattoo fanatics and artists alike to have a voice and continue to “ink” their own legacy - so to speak.


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