Fun & Games

Karma Golf

Everyone loves to try to hit the golf ball pickup tractor at the driving range. Give it a shot against Tiger Woods or upload your own image and try to knock some good Karma into someone you know! See if you have what it takes to get a hole in one!

Cheater Shuffle

Where did the Cheater go? Come join us at the CheaterVille bar and figure out which cup the Cheater is hiding under. After a few levels of play, you'll start wondering if you're intoxicated.

Sheen Shoot Out Game

Paint Ball has never been so much fun. Take your best shot at ex-wives, goddesses, and others who pop-up.

Bully Boxing

Take a shot at the BullyVille title while you try to knock out all the Bullies and dish out some much needed "hands-on" justice.

Whack A Bully Game

Knock some lighthearted sense into these schoolyard bullies. Upload your own image for some real fun!

CheaterU Beer Pong

A college favorite, beer pong is harder than most people think! Give it your best shot, but be forewarned, the CU Honey Badger hates to lose!

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