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Rick Ross’ New Face Tattoo – Yay, Or Nay?
Article by: MTV
May 27, 2014

This weekend, Rick Ross became the latest rapper to get a face tattoo, following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Birdman. For a minute there, it seemed like the whole tat-your-face trend was a wrap, but apparently Rozay was just contemplating the right spot on his face for that “Rich Forever” ink.

The Miami rapper decided to carve out a special spot in his beard for the tattoo, so at least he could technically cover it up if he wanted to. And, of course, fans had plenty to say about it.

Most of the tweets about Rozay’s ink included a bit of confusion, but the consensus seemed to be in his favor, when matched up against Gucci’s ice cream cone. So, who wore the face tattoo better, Rozay or Gucci?

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