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Harry Styles' New Tattoos: Skull on His Arm, Collarbone Tattoo
Article by: Cambio
October 17, 2013

Harry Styles has added a couple of new tattoos to his ink collection: a skull/skeleton on his arm and a new collarbone tat that is either "1951" or "1957."

We love those eagle-eyed Directioners who always seem to catch the new 1D body art!

Harry's newest arm tattoo, situated around that massive ship and the hands shaking, looks to be his only tattoo with color.

The fancy skeleton dude is rocking a little hat with a red hat band and a red bow tie. Spiffy.

What's the meaning behind it?

With Harry, who knows...but it's pretty cool.

We're wondering more about the meaning surrounding Harry's collarbone tattoo, which is a date (either 1951 or 1957)...what's the significance there?

What do you think of Harry's newest tattoos?

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