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Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Tattoo Is Either The Best Or Worst Decision Of This Guy's Life
Article by: Huffington Post
October 07, 2013

Are images of Miley Cyrus pointing her foam finger, sticking out her tongue or swinging naked on a wrecking ball etched in your memory forever? Well, one gutsy (or crazy) guy actually has that image etched on his skin forever in the form of one gloriously wild tattoo.

The Internet went crazy over a tattoo of naked Cyrus after a friend of the tattoo artist posted the image to Reddit. The drawing shows a cartoon version of the "We Can't Stop" singer swinging nude on a wrecking ball with a red foam finger on her hand, pigtails in her hair and a long tongue dangling out of her mouth.

E! News tracked down the tattoo artist who did the shocking work. His name is Scott Howard and he works at The Living Canvas in Buffalo, N.Y. On his Facebook page, Howard revealed he did the Cyrus tattoo on Oct. 1 for "some poor kid."

"There isn't really much story," he explained in a comment on Instagram. "I draw all these stupid things and people actually want to get them done. Never stops surprising me."

Despite the fact that it might be scary to some, Howard seems to be a fan. "I think it's awesome," he wrote on Facebook.

He hopes people share it enough that it reaches Ms. Miley herself.

We are sure Cyrus -- who just got "Rolling" and "$tone" tattooed on the bottom of her feet -- would approve.

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