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Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad Logo Tattoo: Wife Was Shocked, But Loves It
Article by: US Weekly
September 20, 2013

Bryan Cranston will forever carry his Breaking Bad character, Walter White, with him -- after all, he's got a permanent reminder wrapped around his finger. To commemorate the end of the AMC series, on which Cranston plays a chemistry teacher who starts cooking meth to fund lung cancer treatments -- before everything spirals completely out of control -- the actor, 57, got a tattoo of the show's infamous logo.

As Cranston explains, the ink job shocked his wife of 24 years, Robin Dearden. "I got a tattoo, and she said, 'No, you didn't,'" the Emmy-winning actor tells Us Weekly of the tiny tat featuring the show's logo of chemical element symbols Br and Ba in square boxes on his right ring finger. Luckily for Cranston, Dearden slowly warmed up to his new permanent tribute. "She loved it because it's discreet," he added. "When I catch a glimpse, it reminds me of this experience and I smile."
Ahead of the fan favorite series' Sept. 29 grand finale, Cranston says there were tears after the final take, "but it wasn't all sad. It was like, We had this."

Cranston's cast members Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), Anna Gunn (Skyler White) and Dean Norris (Hank Schrader) commemorated their final takes in other ways: They took home some swag! "I requested the weird ducks on the glass coffee table in our living room. They're just so odd!" Gunn tells Us. Norris, whose DEA agent character went out in a blaze of gunfight glory on the wild Sept. 15 episode "Ozymandias," scored two key set pieces. Says Norris: "I grabbed my bomber jacket and the ax that almost cut my head off."

Though Cranston's permanent souvenir may trump all, Paul's takeaway is almost as good. Recalls the actor: "I took the Winnebago and the pink teddy bear -- the burned one."

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