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A.J. McCarron Adds More Tattoos To His Body
Article by: Collegespun
June 04, 2013

A.J. McCarron Adds More Tattoos To His Body

A.J. McCarron is no stranger to the needle, it was just a couple of months ago when he was all over the media for adding to his chest piece, and now he has a new piece to show off on his shoulder. reported, “It appears that after the BCS Championship game, McCarron wanted some more ink and opted to get a famous skyline tattooed on his shoulder — not New York, not Chicago, but rather the great skyline of Mobile, Alabama. We can’t say it doesn’t make sense though.”

What do you think of his new tattoo?


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Posted By: cheechee | 6/05/13 2:02 PM
Wish there was a close up. Thats unusual, an Alabama skyline!
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