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What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo
Article by: Slingerville Staff
April 22, 2013

What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo                          


"It is especially important for consumers to be aware of the potential risks, report any problem that develops to the tattoo artist and see a board-certified dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment," says Dr. Michi Shinohara, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Washington in Seattle.


Most of us don’t think of what bad possibilities could potentially happen when we go to get a tattoo, we just go in, sit in the chair and hope that the end result looks good.  This isn’t the smartest way to think, you need to inform yourself of the possible risks at hand and make sure you are making the right decision.


According to, recent studies show a chemical in black inks called benzo(a)pyrene has caused skin cancer in lab animals and malignant melanomas have been discovered in some tattoos. Shinohara informs us that there are many unanswered questions at play here on how tattoo inks interact with the skin and within the body.  Common effects to non-sterile tattooing practices are allergic reactions, bacterial infections, syphilis and hepatitis B & C. 


Before getting inked, here is Shinohara's advice on playing it safe: 


• Be sure your tattoo artist is licensed according to your country's or state's requirements, and only go to a professional tattoo parlor. Make sure all needles are removed from a sterile single-use package before use, and that your artist washes his or her hands and wears sterile gloves.


• If a problem lasts more than one to two weeks, see a dermatologist.


• If you suffer from a chronic skin condition such as psoriasis, eczema, or a tendency toward keloid scarring, talk with a dermatologist before getting a tattoo.


• Never get a tattoo over an existing mole because a tattoo can hide any changes or problems that may occur within the mole over time.



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Posted By: LavaVolcano67 | 4/22/13 7:10 PM
Great another cancer risk! if meat, vegetable's, plastic and the air we breathe weren't enough!
Posted By: RosesNGuns78 | 4/22/13 7:28 PM
If I got work done then had to see a doctor, I would be so pissed off!
Posted By: Rags2stiches4 | 4/23/13 6:50 PM
So would I .. Knock on wood.
Posted By: mizceedub | 4/24/13 11:09 AM
Man.... anything else? Should we just not do anything EVER??? Lol people have been getting tattoos for centuries. Why all the different health warnings now??? Man... nothing safe anymore. Kids cant trick-or-treat, uggghhhhhhh! Frustrating!!! Lol
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