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Rangers' Andrus Out Due to Soreness from Tattoo
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
March 01, 2013

Rangers' Andrus Out Due to Soreness from Tattoo 

Elvis Andrus had to step out of the game for a bit because of what the club described “sensitivity in his left arm”—also known as the aftermath of getting tattooed for nine hours. 

Two days prior to his spring training game against the Indians, Andrus went and got a rather large tattoo, it appear from his elbow all the way to his shoulder.  He got a memoir of his father, Emilo Andrus, who passed away in 1996. 

''It's a memory of my dad. I'm really proud that it's going to be on myself forever,” Andrus told Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  

Apparently this will be his last tattoo, ''I'm done with this, too much pain.''



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Posted By: TattooTed89 | 3/01/13 5:08 PM
Aftermath of getting tattooed for nine hours, I never knew that! Thats big though!
Posted By: TravisLives702 | 3/01/13 5:12 PM
Travis no Likie the aftermath!
Posted By: tattooedmami | 3/03/13 4:55 PM
its nice, but knowing you hd a game coming up in a few days, why would you choose now as the time to get tatted? makes no sense to me.... Im not going to go out and get a fresh big piece and know I have an engagement in a few days. its a cool tatt..
Posted By: mizceedub | 3/03/13 7:13 PM
this is really nice! what a trooper for sitting for 9 hours! but bad decision to get it done two days prior to a game.
Posted By: sidnancythe3rd | 3/04/13 4:22 PM
The only aftermath I've ever heard of was the DR DRE album!
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