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Seven Year Old Girl Trains to Be Tattoo Artist
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
February 27, 2013

Seven Year Old Girl Trains to Be Tattoo Artist 

At just 7-years old, Alicia Gutierrez from Abilene, Texas is learning how to tattoo.  

Alicia wants to be just like her dad when she grows up, according to, and her dad just so happens to be a tattoo artist. 

Alicia’s father, Patrick Gutierrez, has been tattooing since he was 14-years-old and hopes that his daughter will be tattooing even earlier than that.  Patrick always had the support of his mother and he would like to support his daughter in that same way, so he is teaching Alicia the ins and outs of tattooing now. 

“I want her by the age of 12 to just be rocking out bad tattoos. I mean, good tattoos, you know what I mean, awesome tattoos,” said father Patrick Gutierrez. ” And if she keeps up with what she’s doing now, she draws a lot and she watches me a lot, by the age of 10 or 12 she’s going to be pretty good.”



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Posted By: VicInthe303 | 2/27/13 5:16 PM
Good for her never to young to start!
Posted By: Samsnakes56 | 2/28/13 5:21 PM
Whens she's about 30 imagine how off the hook she will be.
Posted By: tattooedmami | 3/03/13 4:57 PM
im setting up my apt for her now... she is going to be bigger than kat!
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