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Nebraska WR Kenny Bell Shows Off His Interesting New Tattoo
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
February 26, 2013

Nebraska WR Kenny Bell Shows Off His Interesting New Tattoo 

Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell tweeted a picture of his new tattoo on February 24th. 

The tattoo appears to be a lion in a headdress on his left ribcage. 

Some of Bell’s fans were unsure of the meaning behind his tattoo and came forward to ask him on Twitter. 

Bell explained in a tweet, “[It] stand for strength, bravery, an pride. A calm lion's a symbol of controlled emotions. Headdresses wer given to bravest warriors.” asked Bell if he was of Native American heritage and if this was some sort of tribute, but they have yet to hear back. 

What do you think of Bell’s new tattoo?


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Posted By: mayomano34 | 2/26/13 5:17 PM
I would sport that in a minute. Thats such a cool idea. I love the lion wearing indian feathers. Good one!
Posted By: mizceedub | 3/03/13 7:11 PM
this is beautiful!! I love this!! I wish I had the nerve to get the rib cage done... this is beautiful....
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