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The World’s Worst Portrait Tattoo Has Finally Been Fixed
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
February 25, 2013

The World’s Worst Portrait Tattoo Has Finally Been Fixed 

A photo of a man’s portrait tattoo was spread around the Internet years ago and it was branded as the world’s worst portrait tattoo out there.  

Because the tattoo had such an emotional meaning behind it, tattoo artist, Scott Versago, decided to take on the project of fixing this horrible tattoo, free of charge. 

Here is the story from Versago himself: 

I got to tackle the official "#1 worst portrait tattoo in the world" today. I'm sure you've all seen it a million times online, as had I. I couldn't believe my eyes when this guy walked in and showed me this project. I think my jaw literally hit the floor. He went on to tell me the story behind the portrait; He had just married his beautiful wife and not even three months afterwards she was killed in a horrible house fire accident leaving him to raise their three children alone. Shortly after he went to a local tattoo studio to memorialize his wife and was left with this abomination. He later returned to that studio for one more session, thinking that perhaps "he had done something wrong in the healing of the tattoo" and they butchered it even more the second time. Finally, he drove all the way to my studio, Empire Ink, just to meet me and to see what his options were. Touched by his story, I gifted the entire project to him for free. Now he has closure and I have an amazing story to add to my portfolio! 

Check out more of Versago’s work here! 

Here are some of the comments under the completed work on! 

Jessica Thomas wrote: That is SUCH an amazing improvement and such an awesome ending to what was a horrible story. 

Christopher Alaimo wrote: looks pretty good, considering. good job lightening up those teeth. it may not last but it looks 100x better. 

Cecile Perez wrote: *tears* thank you, you have mad the world a better place. 

What do you think of the finished portrait tattoo?



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Posted By: slingitnow | 2/25/13 4:34 PM
Thats incredible how an artist can change a bad tattoo into a work of art. Simply amazing.
Posted By: mayomano34 | 2/26/13 5:18 PM
Went from Fugly to something to be proud of.
Posted By: mizceedub | 2/26/13 9:05 PM
That is absolutely beautiful... and a very touching story! Wow... just imagine what this guy was going through and then to have his tatt messed up, not once but twice! The final fix up is beautiful, beyond belief.... wow....
Posted By: tattooedmami | 3/03/13 4:59 PM
ive seen this scary portrait tatt all over internet. so glad its finally fixed. scared to get portrait tatt just for this reason. looks awesome now!!!
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