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Facebook Removes Breast Cancer Survivor's Tattoo Photo, Now Everyone Can See It Anyway
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
February 20, 2013

Facebook Removes Breast Cancer Survivor's Tattoo Photo, Now Everyone Can See It Anyway 

In today’s world, we share everything on Facebook; if I just had a baby, I post a picture on my wall, if I started up a work out page, I share it with all my friends, if I am a company and I have a promotion, I post it to my page.  Facebook gives us the unique opportunity to share things with our community of friends or followers with a click of a button. 

A tattoo shop in Ontario, California tried to share a photo on Facebook to recognize a brave woman for her strength in overcoming breast cancer, but Facebook didn’t approve and took the photo off. 

The shop thought that sharing the photo of the woman’s chest piece on Facebook was a great way to tell people about this woman because Facebook is built to share things with people.  When Facebook decided that it was not appropriate for their site and took it down, the tattoo shop retaliated by rebelliously re posting the picture on their wall.  

Now it is all over the Internet -- on Facebook it has more than 140,000 likes, 115,000 shares and it is on multiple other social media networks.  

Looks like the tattoo shop won this battle! 

Head over to to read what book the tattoo image came from and who the artist was!



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Posted By: mizceedub | 2/20/13 1:08 PM
That's a darn shame that facebook allows underage tweens and teens to post half naked breast and booty shots, but a woman cant show her breast plate who happens to be a breast cancer survivor??!! Wow... that's crazy. Its a beautiful piece and stands for a great story behind it! Good job Slingerville and the tattoo shop in ontario, ca. for posting it again!! Way to go!!!
Posted By: VicInthe303 | 2/20/13 5:01 PM
Yes I hate to say it but sometimes you just have to rebel against those who may oppose you. Good Job unnamed tattoo shop in Ontario. Yes, I'm to lazy to click the link... I sure the name is there.
Posted By: slimsmalls | 2/21/13 5:24 PM
Yet another Facebook fail!
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