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James Durbin Holding Tattoo Contest
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
February 19, 2013

James Durbin Holding Tattoo Contest 

A unique way to figure out what you are going to get tattooed on your body is to ask your fans to design it! reported that James Durbin, American Idol singer, is in the market for a new tattoo that he will dedicate to his wife, Heidi, and he asked all of his fans to propose their tattoo designs/suggestions/creative work to help him make his decision on what to get. 

"Send in your suggestions, submissions and original artwork -- let's get creative here, folks," says Durbin. 

Submit your design by February 28th through Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #InkJames and if he likes your design the best, you will win an autographed CD and a t-shirt!  To read all the contest rules, click here!


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Posted By: VicInthe303 | 2/20/13 5:04 PM
I think ill submit a picture of the dude with the tight shirts!
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