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Best Place to Get a Tattoo or Piercing, Best Tattoo Artist: Ink Gallery, Derrick Mouton
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
July 13, 2012

For more than five years, Derrick Mouton has been inking tattoos, working on whatever patrons want at Ink Gallery, located at 317 8th St. in Lafayette.

Whatever ideas customers might have, he said he doesn't judge. He caters his work and work ethic to what the person wants.

"The key to tattooing is what we think is dumb, the people might like, and you have to respect each person and their individuality," Mouton said. "If it's something off the wall, I try to make time for them. I try to get to it as soon as I can. We make sure we service each person however they want to be serviced."

When Mouton first started in Lafayette, he noticed Ink Gallery was one of maybe three tattoo shops in town.

"Now, there are six or seven shops," Mouton said. "It's watering down the industry. It makes you wonder if Lafayette can hold that many shops."

No doubt, getting a tat is a part of life for the majority, rather than the minority. Mouton said that's in large part to exposure on television shows like "L.A. Ink," "Miami Ink" and "Ink Masters."

"I remember back just six years ago — if you had a tattoo, you were looked at funny," Mouton said. "Nowadays, everybody has a tattoo. When it got on TV, that changed everything. As soon as we got on TV, now everybody wants a machine."

The problem with just getting a tattoo and not doing the research, though, is the risk of cross-contamination. Mouton said he has always provided at atmosphere of safety first.

"I can draw, I can tattoo, but the most important thing is that we're safe first," Mouton said.

After safety come the art. Mouton has been so into his work, he hasn't even had time to get inked himself. Sure, he has a black widow on his back and a few tats on his arm — but not as many as he'd like. But he doesn't mind it, he's been learning his craft.

"When you're into it, you get lost," he said. "You're just shading, coloring and wiping. You take pride in it when it's all done. You're happy when they're happy. That's what makes the job."

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