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Harry Styles & Taylor Swift’s Romantic Tattoo Parlor Date
Article by: SlingerVille Staff
December 19, 2012

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift’s Romantic Tattoo Parlor Date

Yesterday, Taylor Swift and her One Direction Beau, Harry Styles were spotted in Los Angles at a tattoo parlor.

Harry is no stranger to getting tattoos; in fact, this will be his 25th tattoo. 

“Harry and Taylor went to the Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Boulevard, which is the celebrity parlor for the stars, as it boasts clients such as Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone,” reported

“Harry’s new tattoo is of a ship that he had inked beside the heart on his arm, and Taylor watched him deal with the pain bravely. How sweet! And of course she gave him a hug afterwards! The pair then posed for pics with fans before leaving the store.”

What do you think of Harry’s new tattoo?



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